Ardireo has launched its first ever mobile application: The Top 50 Essential Elements in Neurology. Written by a neurologist with over 15 years of experience, the app aims to consolidate the most important information and essential teaching points within the field of neurology. Whether a medical student, resident, advanced practice provider, nurse, or curious individual, this application will extend and strengthen your knowledge of neurology and provide you with new perspectives and insights into key topics. What makes the app unique is its three-part design, which divides each topic into background information, core teaching points, and additional insights. This allows the user to easily understand the topic and quickly realize its application within the field.

The best part about the app is hands down the content. Unlike a boring textbook with long, dry, sentences, the app reads in common language and is concise with many images and videos to help explain the content further.  You can’t find many of these topics online and most certainly not all in one place. The information is loaded with pearls of wisdom acquired from 15+ years of experience in the field of neurology. Top 50 Essential Elements in Neurology was created to help the many students and neurology professionals provide better care for their patients through enhanced education of the provider, empowering every user with the knowledge that will help them stand out amongst their peers.